The 3rd of November is Jellyfish world day. MEDSEALITTER reseerchers reporting on jellyfish rate while testing the new protocol

The experimental protocol was tested from June 2018 to October 2018, thanks to Sea turtles collected in an rescue center.

The ACT4LITTER closing conference echoes “Litter Free is the Way to Be!”

Land base activities are a source of macrolitter that gets into the sea through rivers for this reason it is important to have a common and functional protocol that can monitor both macrolitter in the...

MEDSEALITTER on ECOnews (greek national tv show), October 10 episode A good issue and interview by Katerina Christofilidou On

A report on SUMMER 2018 activities by ISPRA

In order to evaluate the quantity of floating marine litters it is essential to know the probability of detection of these objects. The activities by the ECOLE PRATIQUE DE HAUTES ETUDES

The fourth project phase aiming at testing the draft protocol realized during the studying and pretesting phase. The Capocarbonara's staff is testing and checking the new procedures

A team of University of Barcelona's researchers testing marine litter observation procedures by drone.

A must read report by MEDSEALITTER researchers working on floating macro litter survey