Single use plastics and Marine Litter in Mediterranean sea: problems and solutions

MEDSEALITTER introduced again in EcoMondo fair within the round table on single use plastics

Packaging and single use plastics constitute the largest fraction of waste in the sea, on the beach and on the seabed. In the European Parliament, the fight against marine litter is focused on circular economy package and proposals of directives on plastics strategy and on the reduction of the impact of certain plastic products on the environment regulating single use plastics, as well as marine strategy directive. Main issues are reduce plastic bottles consumption, through implementation of drinking water directive, the banning of certain products, until recycling activities and prevention. At local level the good practices of municipal waste governance focus on the ban on mono use tableware or straws. Removing the single use from the environment the benefits on the problem of dispersed waste at sea would be immediate in terms of new contributions. What are the alternatives? What are the best policies to improve?

Section Chairs
Stefano Ciafani, President of Legambiente
Fabio Fava, University of Bologna & President of Ecomondo Scientific Techcnical Committee


10.30 I session:
Data, knowledge and recycling activities about single use plastic in the marine environment

Giorgio Zampetti, Executive Director of Legambiente
Single use plastics in marine environment

Loris Pietrelli, Enea
Plastic into the environment: from macro to micro

Elisabetta Balzi, DG RTD, European Commission
The European Commission actions for mitigating marine litter

Nicolas Kalogerakis, TUC Creta
Plastics degradation processes in the marine environment

Angelo Bonsignori, President of IPPR
Recycling of plastics removed from beaches

Alessandro Canovai, Director General of Revet
Recycling of plastics removed from seabed

11.20  II session:
Single use: next challenges to reduce marine litter

Marco Versari, President of Assobioplastiche
The role of compostable bioplastics in closed systems

Lina Incocciati, Federation of European manufacturers of glass containers (FEVE)
Glass: a permanent and (eco) sustainable material

Massimo Medugno, Director of Assocarta
Recycling and renewability: the two keys to action in the paper industry

12.10 Round table:
Policy and actions to tackle marine littering from single use plastics

Stefano Ciafani, Legambiente & Luca Marangoni, DG MARE, European Commission

Simona Bonafé, European parliament (TBC)
A representative of Italian Ministry of the Environment, Land and Sea Protection (TBC)
Vittorio Bugli, Tuscany Region
Antonello Ciotti, President of Corepla
Claudio Vanni, Unicoop Firenze
Antonio Fentini, major of Tremiti Islands
Anna Montini, Environmental and Blue Economy councillor of Rimini