MEDSEALITTER delegation in 2nd PLASTICBUSTER steering committee

The implementing and associated partners of the Plastic Busters MPAs project will meet in the old city of Bonifacio in Corsica for the 2nd Steering Committee Meeting on the 6th and 7th of November, 2018

The objective of the meeting is to take stock of the progress of the project achieved so far and collectively design the next steps. Within its 4-year timeframe the Plastic Busters MPAs’ team is expected to deliver a quantitative and qualitative diagnosis of the impact of marine litter in Mediterranean MPAs and consolidate Mediterranean efforts towards scaling up effective solutions to curb it.

On the 7th of November, the project partners will visit the island of Lavezzi in the Natural Reserve of the Strait of Bonifacio. The Reserve is one of the demo sites of the project. Established in 1999 by the Department of Environment and the Local Authority of Corsica to preserve and develop the natural heritage, the international strait extends to 80,000 hectares between Corsica and Sardinia and is home to unique marine habitats and remarkable species. The field trip is organized by the Corsican Environment Office and Jean-Michel Culioli, the Head of Department for Protected Areas.

On the 8th, the project partners and the members of the advisory board will come together in a technical workshop in order to identify the key elements of a harmonized approach for monitoring macro- and micro-litter in Mediterranean pelagic and coastal MPAs based on recent scientific and policy advances made in the field. This approach will be tested in selected sites and the results will feed into a comprehensive diagnostic analysis of the impacts of marine litter on biodiversity and endangered species in Med MPAs.