MEDSEALITTER attending the 6th MEditerranean conference on Marine Turtles

A team of MEDSEALITTER partner's spokesmen, introduced the project main activities and the work's done in last months

Porec, Croatia, October 15

Medsealitter was highly represented in the 6th Mediterranean Conference on Marine Turtles through posters and oral presentations. More specifically, Antonella Arcangeli from ISPRA made the following presentations:

1.         Marine fauna and macrolitter at local-MPA scale: analyses of automated photographs obtained from drone surveys under the Workshop Using Drones for Marine Turtle research and Conservation, on behalf of the University of Barcelona

2.         Turtles on the trash track: Insights from the fixed line transect Mediterranean monitoring network and Medsealitter project, under the session Conservation & Monitoring.

3.         The MEDSEALITTER project, Developing Mediterranean-specific protocols to protect biodiversity from litter impact at basin and local MPAs scales at the Workshop 5 " Impact of marine litter on sea turtles: building synergies across the Mediterranean for monitoring ingestion and entanglement”

Furthermore, Medsealitter’s actions and objectives were presented through poster presentations by MEDASSET-Mediterranean Association to Save the Sea Turtles, HCMR and the University of Valencia.