Good practices to protect the resources of the sea - MEDSEALITTER meets Italian MPAs

October 5 2018 - Porto Cesareo, Italy, Federparchi introduces "The experiences of sustainable fishing in the Marine Protected Areas"


In Porto Cesareo Friday 5 and Saturday 6 October, Federparchi, the Coordination of the Alliance of Italian Cooperatives and GAL Terra d'Arneo organized a seminar on the protection of sustainable fishing in Marine Protected Areas.

The work table, took place as part of the FishMPABlue2 project, is titled "Sustainable fishing in Marine Protected Areas: development opportunities for professional fishing and territorial development" and aimed at making known the good practices promoted by the MPAs and from professional fishing in marine areas.

The seminar also aimimed at protect marine resources and economic activities to valorise sustainable fishing, to identify the critical issues present in the relationship between management of marine protected areas and fishing activities and to propose possible solutions.

Within this platform, Legambiente's spokesman introduced MEDSEALITTER and, in particular, the guidelines of the new project's observation protocol .

The MEDSEALITTER introduction was the occasion for those MPAs attending the seminar to gather information on the protocol and plan a future face to face meeting with MEDSEALITTER researchers to train with the new observation practices.